July and August

Corey took over as heir to the 100 baby challenge

On the Sims 3 front:

The Pistachio’s have come out of retirement: Chapter 4.4

Also, Karlie is making a come back soon. I have been playing her Black Widow Challenge and I’m half way done. I’ll probably post it next month.

Of course Dana is not far behind: Chapter Five

January-June 2018

I do feel that bad that I haven’t kept this updated with all the updating I’ve been doing.

Sims 3

I finished my LEPacy over at here

I decided to continue this family, but moved them to a shiny new blog over here

Sims 4

Robbie continued her journey to have her 10 kids:

Jane and Warren


Forgotten Child

Rex and Eddie

Sims 2


Dana’s breaking hearts and taking names as a black widow over here.




July 1st

I have started a 100 baby challenge featuring Scarlett Underwood.

100 Baby Underwoods

I’ve played pretty far ahead and the kids are killing me. We’ll see how long I can last!

My Lepacy has an update. I’ve had this update sitting in my drafts for awhile. I forgot to post it! Its time for Pets!

Chapter 6.1